A tree is only as strong as its roots, and Halder Venture Ltd. is no exception. The foundation of this enterprise was laid down in the year 1924, by a visionary and a man of keen business acumen, Mr. B. C. Halder. Since the time of our inception, Halder Venture Ltd. have branched out extensively.

Today, we have been able to establish ourselves as a worldwide player in the export business. Our buyers associate our brands and products with trust and top-notch quality. We have profitable business relations with more than 10 countries worldwide.

Over the last century, Halder Ventures Ltd. has based itself on far-sighted approach and strategic business assimilations to reach its current stature. We’d like to take a moment to pay our deepest gratitude to the stalwarts like Mr. Keshab Kumar Halder, Mr. Prabhat Kumar Halder and Mrs. Rekha Halder for their tireless commitment and dedication and capable leadership. Together, we intend to deliver on our promises and continue our quest for new milestones.