You must have heard the saying: “Rome was not built in a day”. The same holds true for Halder Venture Limited. Today, we are the proud owners of PK Agri Link Pvt. Ltd., P K Cerals Pvt. Ltd. And Shri Jatadhari Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd. in West Bengal, India.

We are a reputed manufacturer of varieties of rice and rice products, edible oils and have several well-known brand names to our credit. Our products are exported to several countries worldwide, including Vietnam, Togo, Benin, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Mali, and others. We have our corporate offices headquartered in India, with international offices in Singapore, Bangladesh, Ghana, Cameroon, and Benin.


Through business productivity and strategic assimilation, our venture has come a long way from its inception days. We are grateful that the path we walked has been adorned with numerous milestones and accomplishments. And, from where we stand today, the future does look promising!