Rice Bran Oil

WHAT IS RICE BRAN OIL:Rice Bran Oil is the oil extracted from the hard outer brown layer of rice after chaff ( rice husk). It is popular as cooking oil in several Asian countries, including Japan and China. Rice Bran Oil is rich in mono-saturated and poly-saturated fats and free of trans-fats. It is known as the heart friendly oil. Rice Bran Oil helps lower cholesterol because it contains the right amount of oryzanol which is antioxidant. Rice Bran Oil also contains Vitamin E.


WHY WE USE RICE BRAN OIL: Literature review shows rice bran oil and its active constituents improve blood cholesterol by reducing total plasma cholesterol and triglycerides, and increasing the proportion of HDL cholesterol.Results of an animal study(non-primary source needed) indicated a 42% decrease in total cholesterol with a 62% drop in LDL cholesterol, when researchers supplemented test subjects’ diets with fractionated Vitamin E obtained from Rice Bran Oil.

HOW WE USE RICE BRAN OIL: It is rich in Vitamin E which is powerful antioxidant and has antimutagenic properties which prevent from cancer. Vitamin E also helps in boosting your immunity. It contains high levels of natural antioxidants which boost your metabolic rate and may help with weight loss. The high level of antioxidants not only makes this oil healthy but also makes it resist rancidity and spoilage. It has a long shelf life.